Time to swiTCh (click on picture to see the swiTCh in action)

Time stands still for no man. Time is ever changing and, in turn, it demands we change. It is time to find the space you need, the growth you desire, the harmony you deserve. It is time to swiTCh.

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Created by Ellen Ectors and made by Ellesco, swiTCh Table & Chair® is a new concept in design furniture. 100% Belgian and completely handmade, it is a chair and a table, a relaxing seat and a small working place in one. It switches instantly and effortlessly.

Encompassing the timeless geometries of both a cube and a sphere swiTCh is formal and playful.The balance of contrasts yet proving highest comfort for sitting and working. Ergonomic aspects of the ball improve the posture, provide energy and help stay alert. Enjoy all the aspects offered by the swiTCh.

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